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A New Era in How Dog Homelessness is Addressed

Gigi’s Shelter for Dogs is the first campus of its kind in the country designed specifically for transferring dogs from source shelters with resource challenges to  destination shelters that have access to plenty of homes waiting for healthy dogs.

Unlike traditional shelters, Gigi’s Shelter is not open to the public since it acts as a temporary safe haven for dogs to receive medical and behavioral assistance.

This critical care gives each dog everything it needs in order to move to a destination shelter where adoptive families are waiting.

The very first dog arrives at Gigi’s October 16, 2018

Everything about Gigi’s environment is engineered to be effective

The facility includes an X-ray room, a dental room, a place for isolation, a behavioral evaluation room, a grooming space, a classroom, an indoor exercise arena and plenty of outdoor green space for the dogs.