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Gigi’s Shelter for Dogs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to shorten the time that dogs spend experiencing homelessness. Our goal is to help dogs in need to either remain, or become, happy, healthy dogs.

George, Tina and Gigi Skestos

George, Tina and Gigi Skestos

Gigi’s operates in partnership with Columbus Humane.  Initially serving Gallia, Lawrence, Jackson, Scioto and Franklin counties, Gigi’s provides medical supplies, transportation and coaching to their shelter partners at no cost.

Currently, Gigi’s is assisting underfunded shelters in areas that have a high shelter population but don’t have enough adoptive homes. This map shows the locations of some of the source and destination shelters:

Gigi's Map

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Gigi’s staff members pick up the dogs from each shelter partner, known as a Source Shelter.  Once the source shelter dogs arrive at Gigi’s, professional staff  administers vaccines, medical support, nutrition and veterinary care in order to ensure each dog is ready for adoption. After a short stay, typically 72-hours, Gigi’s transports the calm and healthy dogs to Columbus Humane (known as a destination shelter).

Gigi’s staff provides optimum care for the dogs in a 15,000 square-foot facility, located on three acres in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

The state-of-the-art dog transition campus is the vision of George and Tina Skestos, local entrepreneurs who funded and spearheaded the unique model.  They contacted animal welfare expert Rachel Finney, CEO of Columbus Humane to help them create the most efficient path to move dogs from homeless, to home.